THE LOCAL MACHINE, LLC is a software development company focused on creating dynamic solutions for the fields of education and business. 

APPS For:  Genius Hour, Project-Based Learning, Hall Passes


THE LOCAL MACHINE, LLC provides the following Educational, Turn-Key, Ready-To-Go Cloud Products.


ALLTIMELY allows teachers to define and students to sign up for Genius Hour, Activity Period, and Coach Class Activities. Click icon to visit AllTimely.


ALLMAKELY embraces Project-Based Learning. It allows teachers to define projects and to implement the Design Thinking Process.


ALLPASSLY students to create a pass. Teachers approve the pass. Administrators monitor all pass activities.

More About Us

Who we are

THE LOCAL MACHINE is a software development company, headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland.  From web sites to mobile applications to desktop applications, our clients depend on our products and services for all of their application development needs.

At the heart of our company are our employees. We rely on their intimate knowledge of customer requirements and a unique blend of skill and innovation to develop and produce the best possible products and services.

Why choose us

The driver that makes our company agile, and ensures our continued performance, is our culture of continuous improvement. This culture enforces a shared commitment to consistently look toward the future and to embrace change. It is a priority at all levels of our company, with every employee engaged in finding new ways to do things faster, better and more cost-effectively, and to push the boundaries of our potential.

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